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How do I pay via Paysafecard?

Payment by Paysafecard is a great idea for those who do not have or do not want to use an account or credit card, because it allows anonymous and fast payment.

A booking by Paysafecard is only possible from the three-month plus membership up.

Reason: The regulations of the money laundering law must be followed. This means that you are not allowed to combine several cards that exceed a total value of 30€.

Example: You book the three-month plus membership for 74,70€ (status: 2018). Here you cannot combine three cards of 25€ each. It must be a card of 75€ or 100€. The remaining amount, in this example 0,30€ or 25,30€, remains on the card and can be used for other purposes.

On you can find information about the products of Paysafecard.

Information about combining single codes can be found here:

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