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We understand the business of the sex trade as an integral component of a balanced society and offer escorts and their  clients a tailored social network for an open, fair and successful exchange. 

Of course, anyone from 18 years old can sign up to

The following profiles can currently be created on


Under the subheading "Escorts" we at see all kinds of service provider from the erotic business, so next to the classic escorts it could also be hobby prostitutes, strippers, camsex girls, dominas, porno actors and more. 

In the english language this is known as sex workers, which stands for the self-confident and self-determined practice of a full-fledged professional activity. Because there is no common equivalent for this, we have decided to go for the neutral term "escort". 

Female, as well as transgender person can sign up as escorts! 

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We see sex work as a Job (or vocation) with equal rights next to other businesses, where clients can profit from the sexual services of the escorts. 

The neutral term "client" makes sure that it is about a business relationship and transfers the trade from the milieu into the normal business world. We herewith stand clear and against any form of exploitation of sexual service providers; on the contrary: we support all forms of independant sex work. 

Men, women and also transgender can sign up as clients and also couple profiles can register. 

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Clubs & Agencies

We also offer agencies, clubs and other businesses the option to open a profile. Here we offer the possibility to link the profiles of the escorts with the agency profile. When visiting the respective escorts profile, each guest will immediately know for which agency / club the lady works.

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