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How can I do the ID/+18 check verification check?

Every user can take part in a so-called ID-/FSK18-Check to increase their trust level. Plus members get additional access to all free content on

There are 3 different ways to carry out the age verification (Ident-/FSK-18 Check):

+18 Check with Pin

By debiting only 0,99 € we check your age by means of a query at the Schufa. You will receive a unique pincode on your account statement. After activating it on your profile you are +18-checked and can see all youth protected content.

Please note: Since the +18 verification via bank account pin is carried out via an age check at SCHUFA, the necessary requirement for this is a german bank account. It must also be ensured that the gender, birthdate, location in the settings match your payment data to verify your identify.

FSK18 check with video

When you do the +18 check by video, you write your personal code, which is displayed on the +18 check page and which you receive when you click on "select", on a piece of paper. 

Please start the recording (the round button) and look straight into the camera for 5 seconds. Hold your passport/driver's license in the camera for 5 seconds. (If the web cam does not work, make sure that pop-ups are allowed. Alternatively, another browser can be used for the check.)

Couples Profile: BOTH users must be seen on the video!!

The photo and date of birth must be clearly visible on the ID card. Then hold the note with the code visible for 5 seconds in the camera and then upload the video.

You can check and upload the video beforehand or start a new attempt.

The support team will check your video as soon as possible. Please have a little patience.

Important: The FSK18-Check via PIN does NOT work with a gifted membership!

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