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What is a blog?

A blog is like an open diary. It can contain funny, thoughtful or entertaining things. 

At the moment, only escorts and companies have the possibility to write blogs. You can find an overview of all current blogs here:

Basic members are able to write blogs, as well as plus members.

The only difference is, that blogs from plus escorts will also be shown on the front page - Blogs of basic members can be seen there, if they are nominated as a top blog.

Rules for blogs

It is important that our rules and regulations are followed in the blogs, as well as in the comments. 

In plain language this means: no insults, no spamming, no threats etc. 

Violation of this could mean that the concerning member may be blocked. The creator of a blog is responsible for moderating his blogs.

Also not permitted are mere advertising messages. If you want to advertise your profile and your service, then please use our advertise function.

Special events, that you want to draw attention to need to be posted in your events.

If you want to announce that you will be in another city for a certain period of time then please use the tour function for this.

Current updates and services can be posted in your status field. 

Blog entries are checked before they go online and don't appear on the profiles straight away because of this!

Blog entries, that go against our rules, will be reject.  

An overview of our blog rules: 

  • no self advertisement (for services & offers or personal benefits)
  • more than 500 characters (the blog cannot be saved if this is not the case) 
  • no event or tour character
  • no repeated entries 
  • no violation of community rules (i.e. no insults, name calling...)
  • no contact details (that of own or others) 
  • no naming of other members
  • no political statements (only exception: prostitution law) 
  • no FSK18 / explicit content

A blog can have the following content:

  • diary entry
  • ideas, thoughts, fantasies
  • Quotes are okay, but need to be stated as such (reference!)
  • of course it can be sexy, hot and erotic and also entertaining and interesting! 

After the release, the following rules (through an algorithm, not by human hands) are used to select which blogs will appear on the homepage (plus escorts) or on the blog pages :

  • profiles with a profile picture 
  • profiles with a fakecheck 
  • no blocked or hidden profiles 
  • only active profiles (active within the last 30 days) 

Each escort / company will only be shown in the list once a day! 

Blogs by plus members, which can be seen on the homepage, are also selected with the above mentioned rules.

The blog pages are automatically refreshed regularly! 

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