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Which rules apply to the date reviews?

In order for date reviews to have more value for the reader and isn't abused for other reasons, there are following rules: 

  1. Kaufmich relevance: You can only write reviews for dates, that have been scheduled via the date manager. There are different rules for reviews for clubs & agencies.
  2. Content of information: Reviews should give the reader relevant information, which refers to the date. For instance, a review named "absolute fake!!!" is just not enough information and does not help other readers.  
  3. Real facts: If you have received a review that does not state facts, then you can use the comments to correct this. 
  4. Discretion & Privacy: It is not allowed to openly post private information (i.e. copy of a message, which you have received, telephone numbers etc.) 
  5. No insult or abuse: It is not allowed to insult someone in a date review, nor direct or indirectly. 
  6. No Spam/Advertisement: If reviews are misused for any kind of advertisement or spam, will be blocked without further hesitation. 

Members can report reviews and comments, if they go against our above mentioned rules. They will then be checked by a member of our support team. 

A violation against our rules will lead to the deletion of the review or the comment and under circumstances may even lead to the authors profile being blocked or a withdrawal of their rights to write any further reviews! 

Reports or requests to merely delete the reviews can not be considered. 

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