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What is an event?

If you want to invite members to a swinger party, a gang bang, film shoot or any other event of this kind, you can create an event as an escort or club / agency

Your event should have a fix date and offer something special. Events with complete information and photo will get more attention on Kaufmich, so please pay attention to a good description of the event. 

As a plus escort you can create up to 30 events per month. Basic escorts can create a maximum of 5 events per month. 

Things like last-minute dates, threesomes, parking lot sex and special offers are not classed as events.  Please note that events, that merely advertise your profile will be deleted without warning.  This includes events like "am horny", "I want it today!" or repetitive events.  

If you wish to advertise your profile and services exclusively, then our advertisement function is just the right thing for you. 

Publishing contact details (telephone number, email address etc.) in the the event description is also not permitted. This is what the relevant areas in your profile are available for. 

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