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What is the visitors list?

There are 2 different visitors lists: the profile visitors list and the visited profiles list. 

The profile visitor list shows you the members, that have visited your profile recently and the visited profile list gives you an overview of the profiles that you have visited. 

Both lists show you: 

  • the profiles online status 
  • when they have visited your profile 
  • or when you have visited their profile 
  • and offers you the possibility to contact these users directly with the send message link. 

The lists have the advantage, that you always have an overall view of who's been on your profile and who's profile you have visited. Your profile visitors list shows you for instance, who has shown interest in you during your absence, so that you can then contact this profile, should you like what you see. So it increases the chances of a promising connection.

Plus members can see up to 1000 profile visitors or visited profiles, basic members can only see that they had profile visitors (on the side header, see illustration).


Escorts are only shown client visitors and visited profiles and clients are only shown escorts visitors and visited profiles. 

The counter updates itself after every page refresh or new page view. 

Profiles of blocked, deleted or hidden members are NOT counted! 

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