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What is the advertisement function and how do I use it?

In order to get more attention, you can have your profile displayed on the Kaufmich Homepage seperately. 

You have the following option with the ad function: 

  • various running times 
  • selectable regions
  • a self-created advertisement text

You can use the ad function as follows: 

  1. Click on "setting" on your profile 
  2. Click "your ads" under "profile" 
  3. In the next step you can either edit your booked ads or book new ones. 

Should you not have enough kaufmich dollars to take out an ad, you can recharge your account during the process.

Please remember, that our community rules und conditions also apply here. Furthermore, the use of URL's (internet addresses) and other contact details (such as telephone numbers) are not to be used in the advertisement text and violation of these rules will cause the advertisements to be deleted!

Price list: 
  3000 ad impressions -   500 Kaufmich Dollars
  7000 ad impressions - 1000 Kaufmich Dollars
 15000 ad impressions - 2000 Kaufmich Dollars
30000 ad impressions - 3500 Kaufmich Dollars

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