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Where are my KM vouchers now and how can I get my cash-out?

In the old Kaufmich version, there was a short-term opportunity to earn money through online services and to have your services as an escort paid for in Kaufmich vouchers.

However, in the new Kaufmich version there will be no more vouchers. That means:

  • Users can no longer buy new vouchers
  • Vouchers are no longer integrated in the Date-Manager
  • Neither clients nor escorts will see an overview page of their purchased / used / received / paid out vouchers on their profile

But don't worry!

No user loses his money:

Users who have not yet used their vouchers can contact the support. The support can check in their system whether the user still has vouchers and for which amount and then initiate a refund.

Escorts who still have vouchers that have not been cashed out can also contact support. It does not matter whether the escort has a basic or a plus membership. The support checks their system whether the request is justified.

For a payout it will be necessary to compare certain data so that a cash-out will be possible. This way the support avoids any kind of fraud attempts.

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