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How do I upload images? Are there any image rules?

You can upload photos when you are logged in (settings – photos & videos – upload photos). Only photos in jpg format and with an image size of between 25KB and 5 MB are accepted. To achieve a maximum standard, we check every photo for the following criteria before we accept the upload:


  • No strongly pixeled, blurry images
  • No strongly retouched images
  • No mirror selfies with flash

Nicht erlaubt sind:

Not allowed are: 

  • Any form of bodily fluids, whether on the body nor elsewhere
  • Any form of sexual act
  • Showing of pubic area (these can be uploaded as FSK-18 images)
  • Animals, even if seen in the background
  • Pregnant women
  • Weapons, weapon-like objects (baseball bat, truncheon, saw etc)
  • Uniforms with rank or insignia
  • No violence
  • Any illegal / racist symbols
  • Political symbols
  • Insulting gestures
  • Religious or blaspheme symbols, scenes or insinuation
  • The lascivious handling of food
  • Extreme BDMS activities and BDSM toys in use
  • Fake photos
  • People of the public life and media, for instance politicians, film stars etc.
  • Photos, on which other people than the profile owner are shown or are copied from other websites.
  • Contact details (mail, telephone, address etc.)
  • Any form of (exception: exact user name, as shown in the URL)
  • Objects or rooms not showing a person (exception in event images)
  • Extremely processed photos: No frames or other form of decoration
  • Photos, which only shows a small part of the body
  • Collages with more than two photos

You can find helpful tips for qualitatively good photos taken with a mobile/smartphone in this magazine article!

Exceptions for escorts:

Ausnahmen für Escorts:

If 2 escorts offer their services exclusively in a double pack, then both escorts may also be on the profile picture (Avatar). If two escorts work together sporadically, they can present themselves together on photos in their gallery (not as a profile picture). In both cases, the escorts must also be linked as friends!

Exceptions for businesses: Clubs or other businesses are allowed to have several escorts, who work there, shown on their profile images.

Exceptions for couple profiles (m/f): On the profile picture, only the woman can be seen, in the gallery she can also be seen together with her partner.

How are images uploaded?

Click on upload photo - a window will open where you can select the desired image from your computer. The image will be uploaded immediately.

Wichtig: durch die Freischaltung durch den Support dauert es eine kurze Zeit, bis Dein Foto auf Deinem Profil erscheint. Am Wochenende hochgeladene Fotos werden erst am Montag bearbeitet.

Zusätzliche Regeln für Kunden

Additional rules for clients 

Not permitted: 

  • Visible genitals (also the genital, which is in the pants, but the outline can still be seen).
  • Grabbing the outside and inside of trousers
  • Masks are only permitted if the motive can be classified as 'suitable for everyday use'. Fetish related masks are classified by us as +18 and are therefore not permitted for clients.

Please note that only escort profiles and agencies can upload gallery images. Customer profiles can only have one profile photo.

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