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What are Kaufmich Dollars and how can I purchase them?

Kaufmich Dollars is the virtual currency used on

With these, you can buy virtual gifts to show your appreciation to other members or invest in an advertisement that highlights your profile on the home page.

You can obtain Kaufmich dollars this way: 

  1. Click on settings in your profile.

  2. Under General you will find the link purchase Kaufmich dollars.

  3. Follow the instructions shown there.

  4. Invest the dollars for whatever you want!

The following dollar packages can be purchased: 

 9,99 € -      500 Kaufmich-Dollars

49,99 € -   4000 Kaufmich-Dollars

99,99 € - 10500 Kaufmich-Dollars

The following payment methods can be used: 

  • Direct Debit - easy, discreet and secure

  • Invoice / bank transfer - secure and anonymous 

  • Credit card - quick, secure and discreet  

  • PaySafeCard - quick, modern and secure, similar to PayPal 

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