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What is the Kaufmich magazine?

You can find articles of various colours in the Kaufmich magazine .

  • critical statements to current events that have an impact on our trade 
  • article about all areas of sex work 
  • interviews with escorts, that don't hold back when speaking out
  • a regular column, that reaches into the depths of irony 
  • tips for events and actions taking place on Kaufmich or that are organized by us.

Various people, like members of the Kaufmich team, different guest authors or others with a sense of mission for our trade speak up here. 

Depending on the subject, the style is either serious or ironic, humorous or critical, informative or striking, but always readable. We, the team from do not only want to make your "downstairs" happy - no, we also want to enrich your head!

Drop by for a visit, browse through the new and older posts and marvel at how versatile a platform can be that's all about the sex trade.

And if you have something to say, comment or simply want to shower the authors with praise, you can reply to our articles in the comment section or write your own article!

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