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Who can see my data?

You have the possibility to define which details are displayed on your profile. 

The general rule:
Anything that you make available to the other members in the community, with or on your profile, or send in messages, can be copied, saved, and viewed in other forums by the members who have access to it.

Such a procedure is not permitted by us (eg copying pictures or profile texts) and as soon as you notice such an offense, you should report this profile to us.

Visibility of the different profiles:

  • Client profiles can only be accessed by registered members

  • Escort profiles can also be visited if the visitor is not logged in or logged in
  • Escorts can temporarily disable access to their profile in their profile settings under the Notifications & Privacy menu item (for example, on vacation, visit from Grandma, or to edit the profile). 

In order to protect escort profiles from unauthorized copying of data, contact details as well as some profile details are only made available to members who are logged in and all images have a watermark.

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