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How can I delete my profile? Can I reverse the deletion of my profile?

You have decided to delete your profile and leave We regret this very much and are glad if you give us your reason for this, so that we can continue to work on ourselves (if your decision has to do with our page)!

How to delete your profile: 

  • In your settings you will find the entry delete profile under the menu point profile.

  • You will be directed to an information page, that will inform you about all details regarding profile deleting. With one click on the button "delete my profile" you will  confirm the deletion of your profile and the removal of all your data from our data bank. 

  • A new window will open and you will be able to let us know the reason why you wish to delete your profile. 

  • As soon as you confirm this by clicking the button, you will receive an email, in which you will find a cofirmation link to delete your profile once and for all. 

  • It is important, that you click this link within the next 24 hours, so that your profile and all it's data is deleted. 

If you have any problems with this, you may receive an error message or the confirmation link for deleting your profile can not be sent to your e-mail address. Please send a request to the support team, stating your username and email address , so they can manually delete your profile. It is important to state your user name and the email address, which you registered your profile with, just to avoid a mix up.

Deletion of profile with an existing plus membership

If your profile has a paid and not terminated plus membership, please understand that we have to ask you some questions to cancel the membership and profile in your name. It is important, among other things, that you confirm the waiver of the remaining term of the membership, as there is no possibility to transfer anything to another profile.

Deletion of a profile with an inactive email address
If you wish to delete a profile with an inactive email address you still have the possibility to log in to this profile and change it in your settings. After changing the email address go to delete profile and you will receive the confirmation link to the updated email address in order to proceed with the deletion. If you have problems with this, please send a request to our support team and mention the username and email address you have registered your profile with.

Can restore my deleted profile?

Profiles deleted by the system, whether by the member or through, can not be restored.

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