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How does the profile show up in the mobile version?

In the mobile version ( your profile looks a little different than in the desktop version. This is due to the different sizes and resolutions of the displays on the various mobile devices (mobile phone, smartphone, notebook, PC ...).

If you visit with your Smartphone, for example then it looks like this:

First you see the profile, by swiping you can look at all pictures of the escorts on their profiles, according to the numbers (here in the image as "1/3") you can see how many pictures are to be viewed.

This is followed by the name, place and distance to your area of residence and the average ratings by date reviews, and then the most important information about the person and the profile text.

You can also see straight away if the member is currently online and if she offers safer sex. You can add the member to your favorites list if you like the person (click on the heart at the top of the screen).

The symbol next to it (the speech bubble) leads you directly into the message area, so you can write the member immediately. If the profile belongs to a plus member, then you can recognize this in the area of the profile image by means of this symbol.

In the lower section you will find further important information, for instance the services offered by the escorts. Depending on how much information a member has on his profile, this area is spread over several pages. You can see this by the 3 points in the image above. You can also reach the other pages by "swiping" in the corresponding area.

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