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Where can I enter my personal data (i.e. contact data)?

It is important that only the fields provided for the input of personal data and information are used. 

Contact details (address, e-mail address, telephone number, private homepage ...) can not be displayed in the profile text, in the status text, in the blogs, events, in booked ads or in photos. 

Only private homepages may be entered under "Homepage". Links which lead to competition sites are not permitted. 
Advertising your own homepage on the Kaufmich profile is an advantage for Plus-Escorts.

Here you will find some great banners for your homepage, with which you can link from your homepage back to your Kaufmich profile.

The copying of someone elses profile texts (violation of the copyright) is prohibited and, if evidence can be provided that this has been done, this can lead to legal action. 

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