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How can I edit my profile?

You have the possibilty to change various information about your profile. You can change your profile data, for example.

Under the subheading basic information

  • you can change your profile name (only possible for escorts!).
    Your profile will not be shown in the search results with this name. A login is also not possible with this name.  This is only the name of your profile. 

  • you can provide and verify your mobile number. If you have already verified your mobile number and want to change it, you can just click on your already provided number and, once the new window has opened, can verify a new one, . 

  • you can find your email address, which you used in the registration.
    You can change this anytime. It is important to know, that all notifications, that you receive automatically from, are sent to this email address. Each email address can only be used once. Should the email address already be in use by someone else, it cannot be used for another profile. 

  • you have the possibilty to change your location or, if you are an escort with a plus membership, add a second location.

Under the subheading your description (only escorts and clients) 

  • you can enter your homepage (only plus escorts)  

  • you have the possibilty to enter your profile text and your interests

Under the subheading services (only escorts) 

  • you can state, which services you offer and what you are interested in.
    Tip: As soon as you check the box for erotic services under the menu offered services, a new menu will open with further options!

  • you can decide, if you want to show your prices/costs in your profile.

Under the subheading place and availability (only escorts) 

  • you can choose the maximum radius, in which you offer your services. 

  • it is possible for you to choose your ways of contact and the places you'd like to meet. 

Under the subheading profile information (only businesses & clubs) 

  • you can change your displayed name. Your profile is not listed in the search result with this name. A log in with this name is also not possible. This is merely the additional name for your profile.

  • it is possible to add a mobile number and a website. Please remember, to use the backlink on your website for We have various banners to choose from. 

  • opening times and a profile text can be added. 

Under the header prices (only businesses & clubs) 

  • you can determine your prices and if these want to present them in your profile. 

Under the header description of the rooms (only businesses & clubs) 

  • it is possible to specify the number of people working there and how big the rooms are, as well as characteristics about the interior.

Under the subheading interests (only clients) 

  • you can provide information on what you are interested in. 

Under the subheading partner preferences (only clients) 

  • you can add the things you like most.

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