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How does the SMS verification work and what do I have to pay attention to?

Under settings - general - change profile settings - basic information you can find your mobile number as a link. If you have not entered a number yet, then you will find a link there instead, which will ask you to enter a mobile number. 

As soon as you choose the already existing number or the link, the verification process starts taking place, which means you can verify the already existing mobile number or enter another number. 


  • it has to be a mobile number (you will receive the activation code via SMS text message) 

  • your mobile number has to be one from a state that is listed in the list for country codes  

  • each mobile number can only be verified once

  • you have 5 attempts to enter the code correctly (after this, the mobile number cannot be verified again) Please contact the support team in this case

  • be patient! It can take up to 1 hour for you to receive the code, due to thousands of inquiries

  • should you still not have received the code after 12 hours, then please contact the support team

  • for escorts: in your privacy settings you can set the option, if you want your mobile number to be shown or not 

  • for clients: your telephone number is merely for verification reasons and will NOT appear on your profile! 

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