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My profile is blocked/hidden - why and what can I do now?

In the community rules it is clearly stated, how you should behave on

Violations of our rules can lead to the blocking of the profile to a certain or indefinite time.

Here is a list of the most common blocking reasons, the duration of the blocks, and what you can do if your profile is affected:

  • Several profiles
    All profiles remain locked until you write an e-mail to the support with the username of the profile that you wish to keep and the one that is to be deleted.

  • Fake photo
    Your profile will remein blocked until you have successfully taken part in the so-called verification (fake check). 

  • Insult
    If you behave offensive towards other community members, you will receive a warning. Receiving the third warning will automatically issue a profile block of 3 days. If a change in the behavior is not noticeable, the profile will remain permanently blocked.

  • Spamming
    Should we find that you use Kaufmich exclusively for sending mass messages or for excessively sending ads for other pages, your profile will be blocked.

  • Misuse of events
    Depending on the event, this will be deleted and the author warned or blocked.

  • AO (Alles Ohne) (unsafer sex)
    Supply of and demand for unprotected sex of all kinds leads to a warning. Profiles with these kinds of profile texts are hidden and only made visible after the text has been modified.

  • Pregnancy
    First of all: congratulations! However, on Kaufmich it is not allowed to have a profile while the user is pregnant. Therefore, profiles of pregnant women are blocked for the duration of the pregnancy. It is also not allowed to look for pregnant ladies on our website.

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