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I received a warning - why and what happens now?

In addition to the reasons that lead to the blocking of a profile, there are also reasons for which you are first "merely" warned. With the 3rd warning, your profile is automatically blocked. Here you can read why you can get a warning.

The automatic block after the 3rd warning will be removed again after 3 days!

Event abuse
An event is temporary event with a clear theme or goal, in which a group of people participate.
Example: on October 10, 2013 from 8 pm, 20 male guests will be given a "Naked Dinner Party" ...
If you only offer an exceptional service and see the customers one after the other, this is not an event, but an advertisement for your profile and more the content of an ad.

Fake image
If you want to give your profile with pictures more expressiveness, you should only use your own pictures. You always have the possibility to upload photos where your face has been made unrecognizable. If we see that you have uploaded fake pictures, you will only be warned if you have already successfully participated in the verification with a photo. If you have not already successfully participated in the verification proces with a photo, your profile will be blocked for further use and you will be asked to take part in the authenticity check.

Always keep in mind that you are talking to real people, but keep in mind that the gestures and facial expressions of a proper conversation are missing; Careful, therefore, with ambiguous and sarcastic statements that could be misunderstood. Good manners and friendliness should be used, so treat people the way you want to be treated, respectfully and with some class!

Male escort
Currently, men are not allowed to offer their sexual services on Kaufmich. The target group of escorts on is currently available exclusively for female and transsexuals. If we find a male escort profile in this community, it will be blocked.

Date review abuse
A date review may only reflect the experience of the date, not a personal opinion or a private message. Insults, contact details, unsafe services, names, political opinions or complaints have nothing to do in date reviews and are removed by the support team.
Incorrect reports (eg flat-rate accusations such as "fake", messages like "Why did you put me on the ignore list?") will be deleted and the author warned.

Asking for unsafe sexual practices
Kaufmich propagates safer sex and forbids supply and demand for unprotected sex. This includes GV, AV & OV. Profiles that publicly offer this service in their profiles are hidden and no longer listed in the search results.
 Members who still ask for unprotected sex are warned.

It is not allowed to denounce members publicly (ie in profile texts, status messages, etc.). Example: "Beware of member XYZ: he/she is a fake!"

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