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What is the regional search?

There are several ways to search & find other members.
One of these is the regional search (, which you can use in the logged in state to find people or businesses in certain regions. 

The individual pins in the image below do not stand for individual profiles, but for postcode areas, in which escorts, customers or businesses (whatever you are looking for, you can select before under show) are registered with a Kaufmich profile. 

You can scroll through this list and can easily click on the profiles of your choice. Neben dem Profilbild bekommst Du auf einen Blick schon die wichtigsten Informationen über das Profil (bei Einzelpersonen z. B. Alter, Größe, Gewicht) und kannst so schnell entscheiden, wer interessant für Dich ist. In addition to the profile picture, you can get the most important information about the profile (for example, age, height, weight), so you can decide who could be interesting for you.

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