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What are the search option?

The search is divided into 5 different functions: 

  • the direct search in the head of the page
  • the regional search
  • the quick search
  • the detailed search
  • the user search 


How do the different search functions work?

The direct search in the header of the page is the fastest and most direct search function. Depending on the type of your profile, the opposite user type is displayed automatically (escorts for customers and vice versa) from your area. Of course you can also change these settings! 

For all searches, you can search by area code (zip code), places and districts - so that you can also be found, it is important that you have entered your correct place of residence in your settings (Bei allen Suchen kannst Du nach Postleitzahlen (PLZ), Orten und Ortsteilen suchen - damit Du selbst auch gefunden werden kannst, ist es wichtig, dass Du in Deinen Einstellungen Deinen korrekten Wohnort eingegeben hast (go to your basic information, enter your zip code and search for your correct area in the list - save and finished!)

The 4 search functions are located in the menu search. The following illustrations show the search functions from the customer's view, the views for escorts may differ slightly. 

Die Suchfunktionen

Using the regional search you can search specifically for members in certain regions. In addition, you can filter by age, size and weight.

Die regionale Suche

The quick search also offers you the possibility to search for post codes. In addition, a search radius can be specified to refine the search results. It is also optional to enter a name or partial name and whether to search for profiles with an image. 

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