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What does the stamp „100% Safer Sex“ mean and how do I get it on my profile?

With this badge, the escorts can emphasize that they offer all their services only with protection. 

Clients with a safer sex badge can also emphasize this way that they reject any sexual activity without protection.

Because of different ways of transmission, safer sex means that there is no unprotected exchange of body fluids.

This includes sexual intercourse, oral and anal intercourse as well as all practices involving the direct exchange of sperm, urine, feces and blood.

For customers, this also means that an escort with the safer sex button on their profile does not want any requests for unsafe services. At the same time, customers who have the badge on their profile also do not want to get offers for unprotected sex!

Violations can be reported, which may lead to a blocking of the profile.

To get this stamp, please send a request to the support, as each profile needs to be checked first.

If, despite the safer sex stamp, unsafe service is offered or requested, this will lead to the final removal of the stamp from the profile.

Summary of the rules for safer sex on Kaufmich:

• all types of sexual intercourse only with protection! This also applies to oral sex!

• in general, everything that takes place on the body (insemination, urine, etc) is permitted

• anything that causes body fluids to enter the body is not permitted

• only exception: kisses


Since July 1, 2017, the new prostitution protection act in Germany has come into effect. In addition, it is not permitted to advertise ban unprotected sexual services anymore.

In case of violations, the authorities may issue severe fines towards perpetrators. blocks profiles that continue to offer or ask for such services.

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