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What does the label „ confirms: 100% REAL” mean?

The label confirms the authenticity of a person. We guarantee this through our so-called authenticity check. Each member has the possibility to send us a current portrait photo, on which he/she holds a sheet of paper in hand, with the following things written on it in handwriting:

  • the user name
  • ""
  • the current date

This is compared with the profile details and the images (if available). This allows us to confirm that it is not a so-called fake profile.

Everyone can take part in the authenticity check here.

For a client profile the authenticity check (also called fake check or verification) looks like this:

What is the authenticity check good for?

Internet platforms often have to deal with so-called fake profiles or fakes.

This refers to profiles that are created by people, who have nothing in common with the profile details and are not interested in serious contacts. On Kaufmich, the authenticity check is to check if the profile owner and the profile are identical, so that the contact and a date is more promising and real.

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