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How can I protect myself from bad experiences?

First of all: sadly, we cannot guarantee you 100% protection from bad experiences. 

But, you can influence the risk of disappointment yourself by following a few rules of conduct:

  1. Arrange your dates via the date manager!
    That way you have a written confirmation for your date in case your date partner does not show up or claims that no date was arranged.
    Also, you can only write a date review if the date was actually arranged via the date manager.
  2. You're a client? Be careful with advance payments!
    Some escorts ask for an advance payment before a service is provided (date, webcam show, dessous shipping). This is, of course, permitted and also justified for a number of reasons (eg. advance payment for travel expenses, so that the escort has a secured insurance in case of financial losses beforehand; in case of dessous shipping or webcam shows a pre-payment is not unusual).
    But make sure, however, that the profile is trustworthy: fake checks, positive date reviews, long-term memberships, plus memberships and photos, for example, are all good indications of trustworthiness and a low risk of fraud. 
  3. Always communicate via our message system!
    Only if we can verifiy certain things by means of our message system, if it comes to insults etc. for example, can we act and intervene if necessary. 

If, in spite of all caution, it comes to a negative experience, then please contact our support or, in case of criminal events, the police.

Of course, we hope that you are spared from any negative experience and hope you collect many nice experiences on !

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