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How can I report profiles or messages?

Not all our community members follow our rules and by showing illegal or abusive content on their profiles. On Kaufmich you have the possibility to report these users.


Reasons why a profile should be reported:

  • Contravention of a law

    • Underaged members

    • Forced prostitution

    • Pimping

    • Fraud

    • Slander

    • Offersof unsafe sex practices 

  • Violation of our community rules

    • Spammingor advertising for other websites 

    • Insultsor threats 

    • Incorrectand fake pictures or user information 

    • Usingseveral profiles

How to report a profile:

Click the option “Report profile” at the top left side on the member’s profile. A box will appear in which you need to state your report reasons. Please write them down carefully and as detailed as possible. 

You can report messages with illegal, false or insulting content in the same way. Just click “Report” on the right side of the message in question.

What happens afterwards?

Allreports will immediately be processed and checked by our support team. If the reported member violated the law or our community rules, the member will be warned or even blocked.

Please remember that we will not inform you about the actions taken therefore it is not necessary to report a profile multiple times. The profile will still be active on Kaufmich if there are no sufficient reasons for a sanction.

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