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Earn money with your content! Use your pictures to earn KM$! (Escort only)

You have the opportunity to earn KM$ with your pictures! Divide your images into 9 fields and choose which 6 of them will be visible for KM$.

In the Settings / My Profile / Photo Gallery, first select the picture that you want to edit for this function.

Click / tap on the 3 small dots in the corresponding picture and select "Monetize" in the submenu.

The image will be enlarged and divided into 9 fields. Now select up to a maximum of 3 of these fields that you want to make visible. The min. 6 remaining fields will be blurred.

In the next step, enter the amount of KM$ you want to unlock. Finally, confirm your settings with "Finish".

If you want to undo your settings for an image, simply select 'Undo Monetize' from the same submenu. The image will then be displayed completely again.

Good luck!

Learn more about KM$ here.

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