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  1. All about Kaufmich

    1. A new face for Kaufmich!
    2. Telephone support
    3. What is Kaufmich and who can sign up?
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  2. First steps on Kaufmich

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  3. The date manager & date reviews

    1. How do I write a review after a date?
    2. How can I report a date review and can I have it deleted?
    3. How do I manage my dates?
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  4. Blogs, tours & events

    1. What is a blog and are there blog rules?
    2. Event description, rules and infos
    3. How do I create a new blog and how can I edit it?
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  5. The icing on the cake: additional functions

    1. What is the "invisible log-in"?
    2. What is a profile visitors list?
    3. What is a profile promotion and how can I use it?
  6. Very popular: favourites

    1. The Kaufmich Forum - for you, from you, with you!
    2. What is the "Favourites list" and how do I create it?
    3. How can I see who favoured me?
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  7. Some eye candy: photos and videos

    1. How can I do the ID/+18 check verification check?
    2. How do I upload a photo and are there photo rules?
    3. How can I make my face unrecognizable in photos?
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  8. Help with special problems

    1. What can I do if I don't remember my login credentials?
    2. My profile was banned/hidden - why and what can I do now?
    3. I had a negative experience. What can I do?
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  9. Kaufmich memberships

    1. What Kaufmich packages are there and which payment methods are available?
    2. What is the Kaufmich plus membership and which advantages are there?
    3. Where can I find information to my membership and how do I cancel my plus package?
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  10. Our currency: the Kaufmich dollars

    1. Where are my KM vouchers now and how can I get my cash-out?
    2. What can I do with Kaufmich dollars?
    3. What are Kaufmich dollars and how can I get them?
  11. Kaufmich magazine & social media

    1. What is the Big Sister project?
    2. Can I also be a part of the Kaufmich Magazine?
    3. Can I find Kaufmich on Twitter?
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  12. You've got mail! All about messages

    1. I am receiving weird messages, what should I do?
    2. What is a first contact and the first contact limit?
    3. How long will my message remain in my inbox?
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  13. Pssssst! Infos about your privacy

    1. What does "invisible log-in" mean?
    2. Who can see my data?
    3. Is my personal data secure?
  14. Your main feature: the profile

    1. How can I upload or change my profile image?
    2. How can I delete my profile?
    3. How can I link my profile to my girlfriends? (only for escorts)
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  15. Blocked profile/warnings/violation reports

    1. My profile is hidden/banned? Why is this the case and what can I do?
    2. I received a warning; why? and what happens now?
    3. How can I report messages or profiles?
  16. Search and you will find! Our search options!

    1. How does the search function work?
  17. What to do when technical problems come up?

    1. How can I delete cookies / caches in Google Chrome?
    2. How can I delete cookies / caches in Firefox?
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  18. Need english support?

    1. FAQ coming soon...