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  1. All about Kaufmich

    1. Telephone support
    2. Who are the Kaufmich members?
    3. Who are top members?
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  2. First steps on Kaufmich

    1. What does SMS verification mean?
    2. How does the SMS verification work and what do I have to pay attention to?
    3. How can I sign up?
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  3. The date manager & date reviews

    1. What is a date review?
    2. How do I write a review after a date?
    3. Which rules apply to the date reviews?
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  4. Blogs, tours & events

    1. What is a blog?
    2. How can I create a new blog entry?
    3. How can I edit a blog entry?
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  5. The icing on the cake: additional functions

    1. What is the advertisement function and how do I use it?
    2. What is the visitors list?
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  6. Very popular: favourites

    1. How can I see who favorised me?
    2. What are favourites and how can I create them?
  7. Some eye candy: photos and videos

    1. How do I upload images? Are there any image rules?
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  8. Help with special problems

    1. How can I protect myself from bad experiences?
    2. Englisch support
    3. What can I do, if someone shares my mobile number on Kaufmich?
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  9. Kaufmich memberships

    1. Can I have more than one profile?
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  10. Our currency: the Kaufmich dollars

    1. What are Kaufmich Dollars and how can I purchase them?
    2. What can I do with Kaufmich dollars?
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  11. Kaufmich magazine & social media

    1. What is the Kaufmich magazine?
    2. Can I also participate in the magazine?
    3. Can I also find on facebook or twitter?
  12. You've got mail! All about messages

    1. Is there a message limit?
    2. How does the message system work?
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  13. Pssssst! Infos about your privacy

    1. Is my data secure?
    2. Who can see my data?
    3. What does "invisible login" mean?
  14. Your main feature: the profile

    1. What does the small flame on escort profiles mean?
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  15. Blocked profile/warnings/violation reports

    1. How can I report profiles or messages?
    2. I received a warning - why and what happens now?
    3. My profile is blocked/hidden - why and what can I do now?
  16. Search and you will find! Our search options!

    1. How does the search function work?
    2. What are the search option?
    3. What is the regional search?
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  17. What to do when technical problems come up?

    1. How do I update my browser?
    2. How does a Captcha work?
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  18. Need english support?

    1. FAQ coming soon...