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What does +18 mean?

As with all media content, the protection of minors and the associated laws and regulations also apply to

On the other hand, there is of course also a heightened interest in explicit content.

To make this possible while protecting minors at the same time, Kaufmich offers the +18 filter, which protects explicit content. Only with an age verification (the Ident-/FSK18-Check) it is possible to view FSK18 content.

The age verification (Ident-/FSK18-Check) can also be done without purchasing a plus membership and thus serves to increase the level of trust, but only users with a plus membership and the +18-Check can also view all FSK18 content.

* FSK stands for Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, a German institution of the film industry. On Kaufmich it stands for a controlled age rating from 18 years on.

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