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What is the Date Manager?

The date manager is intended to help create greater commitment in regards to arranged dates. If a date has been confirmed by both users involved and has not been cancelled within the appropriate time (up to 2 hours before the date), in the event that the date has not been kept by one side, the other person can write a corresponding date review to warn other members about this.

As date reviews can only be written if a date has been arranged and confirmed via the date manager and has not been cancelled up to 2 hours before the date, date reviews are not simply deleted by the Kaufmich team!

Functionality of the Date Manager

Click on your Date Manager to manage your open and past dates. If a date has taken place, both sides - escort and client - have a period of 7 days to write a date review.

Date reviews appear in the profiles of both members as soon as both sides have received reports or the period of 7 days has expired. Reviews from deleted members will remain.

Please note: E-mail notifications via the date manager cannot be switched off.

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