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I had a negative experience. What can I do?

You have been dumped even though you had a set date? Your date was not as you expected?

As long as you arrange your dates with the help of the date manager and they are accepted, you can publish a review on directly after the date to inform other users.

But always keep a moderate tone, because it is about information and not about denunciation. Once you have written a review, it takes up to 7 days for it to be published. However, as soon as your date partner has also written a review about your meeting, both reviews will be visible immediately. If your date partner does not write one, yours will be published after 7 days.

If the review of your date partner does not correspond to the truth, then you can comment with a one-time comment. Date reviews will only be deleted by us if they violate our community rules or applicable law.

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