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How does the search function work?

To find suitable results in the search or to be well placed in the search results is the most important thing when initiating contacts on

Of course, plus members are shown first before all other members, as they have acquired a competitive advantage through their paid membership.

Basic users will see the search range: 

 As a plus member you can see a wider search range: 

Another relevant factor is the destination to the search area (post code, location, area).

Following criterias are valid in each search range:


  1. last login (today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, etc.)
  2. minimum of 1 date within the last 30 days  
  3. at least 10 gallery photos (only escorts)
  4. number of FSK18-photos (only escorts)   
  5. number of videos (only escorts)

Thus, very active and complete profiles are rewarded with high rankings in the search results and the searcher will find profiles that are up-to-date, informative and active.

The same sorting also applies to the tabs on the start page (new members, currently online, plus members, etc.)!

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