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What are KM$ and how can I use them?

Kaufmich Dollar is the currency you've always known from Kaufmich. With our new KM$ you will be able to do much more in the future. We are in the process of making the KM$ system brand new and more exciting for you, piece by piece.

Did you know? - You can also receive KM$ as a reward. What you need to do is explained in more detail in our 'Rewards overview' entry.

You can easily view and manage your current KM$ balance via your profile. If your balance is not sufficient to activate a Rise-Up, for example, simply click on "Buy" to top it up.

Important: Your old KM dollars have already been adjusted and converted to the new KM$ by us.

The conversion was done with a factor of 120:1, which of course changed the quantity but not the value. So you have not lost a single (Kaufmich-Dollar) KM$ and of course no disadvantages!

Some functions, such as tipping (giving tips to escorts) have already been introduced and can already be used. Incidentally, the word "tip" comes from the English language and means "tip". So if you want to give an escort a compliment for photos/videos or draw attention to yourself in future, simply "tip" a few KM$. That has an effect!

This is just one of many upcoming functions of our new KM$-system. Stay tuned!

ATTENTION - Escorts can use their KM$ for profile promotions or cash them out. Learn more about cashing out your KM$ balance here

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