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Event description, rules and infos

If you would like to invite users to a swingers party, gangbang, film shoot or any other event of this kind, you can create an event as an escort or club/agency.

Your event should be firmly dated and offer something special, so please pay attention to the exact description of your event.

As plus escort you can create up to 30 events per month. Basic-Escorts can create 1 event per week.

Also, for events our community rules are valid. For example, rape gangbangs are absolutely unwanted. Offers of this kind will be deleted by us.

Not considered events are e.g. spontaneous dates, threesomes, car park sex and special prices. Events that are only used to promote your profile will be deleted without warning. This includes events such as "I'm in the mood today", "I'm horny" or constantly recurring events.

If you want to advertise exclusively for you and your offers, then our profile promotions are the right thing for you!

It is also not allowed to give contact details in the event description. The corresponding fields in the user profile are available for this purpose.

As soon as you have uploaded your event, it will be checked by our support team. You will be taken to a preview of your event and as soon as your event is online, everyone else can see it.

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