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How can I make my face unrecognizable in photos?

You do not want to be recognised in your picture? With the following tips you can easily make yourself unrecognisable.

You can use any common image editing program. Many computers have programmes such as Paint already pre-installed. Besides professional programs like Photoshop, there are also free alternatives such as Gimp for downloading on the Internet. If you don't want to install a programme, offers a completely web-based solution.

Open the image editing program and choose to edit one of your images. Some programs also offer functions like "mosaic", "pixel deformation", "wiping finger" or "blur". Please make sure that it has been properly edited, so that the image is not rejected by the team when it is reviewed, because images edited too much or too unprofessionally will not be accepted. Randomly smeared-looking photos will not be accepted either. 

After you have edited your picture, you should save it with a new file name so that the original is not overwritten. Then you can upload the new picture. So you can show yourself at Kaufmich without having to worry about your neighbours, your boss or your grandparents recognizing you.

Distorted pictures with inserted emojis, hearts or other symbols as well as snapchat filters will NOT be accepted!

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