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How can I verify my phone number as an escort and what do I need to know?

Under settings / contact & working hours you can find your mobile number. 

Click the change button and a panel will open. Once you have selected the country for the country code, please enter your phone number and click the "request code" button. You will then receive a 4-digit code via SMS, which you then have to enter in the relevant field. 


  • it has to be a mobile number (you will receive the activation code via SMS text message) 
  • your mobile number has to be one from a state that is listed in the list for country codes      
  • each mobile number can only be verified once 
  • be patient! It can take a few minutes to receive the code, due to thousands of inquiries    
  • should you still not have received the code after 1 hour, then please contact the support team    
  • in the same section you can set the option, if you want your mobile number to be shown on your profile or not     

Currently, participation in the verification is currently only possible from the following countries or with the following country code:
  -  Austria
  -  Switzerland
  -  Germany, France
  -  Spain
  -  The Netherlands
  -  Poland

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