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How can my profile get even more attention?

Kaufmich is home to thousands of profiles, all designed to attract clients.

And it's not easy to stand out or get noticed among so many offers.  That's why we have a few tips for you on how you can stand out from the crowd and get more attention.

 1. the photos

The first thing that someone sees is the photo. The first impression is the most important, we all know that. Is the photo of high quality or of bad quality? Can you see everything well?

The quality of the photo is very important - we advise you to invest a little bit more money in a photographer and to have reasonable and high quality photos taken.

Please always follow our photo/image rules.

2. your status

The second thing clients pay attention to: The status text.

Make a statement that keeps the clients on your profile. Special benefits? Special offers? Best is: short and sweet. Whether groovy or perky; sweet or erotic. You decide! Always keep in mind: What would you like to read first if you were the client?

3. videos

A moving image can do a lot. Take a little time to make a nice video of yourself. Maybe you can introduce yourself briefly and can thus arouse even more interest of clients. Note, however, that you cannot mention a phone number or the like.

Show yourself, but stay interesting.

4. your profile text

Experience shows: Long texts are often not read completely. Use concise words and sentences to captivate the reader. Write enough, but never too much about yourself. Something has to be left to the imagination, after all.

A profile that says nothing is not interesting either. Find a healthy middle way, pay attention to your spelling and leave questions open. Some clients may use this as a hook for a message to you. Please do not copy profile texts of other users.

5. the interview

"How do you feel about body hair?", "What tools do you use during sex?", or "What do clients appreciate most about you and your services?" - just a few of the interesting questions you can answer in your interview. Many clients read these interviews and find some more information about you. Dare! Be open, be bold, be eloquent!

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