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Which services may not be offered?

Escorts and businesses can provide numerous details about what services are offered by them (to name a few: erotic massages, girlfriend sex, trampling, hand relaxation, etc.).

Basically, the numerous different services include almost every variety of sexual interaction.

However, certain individual offers are expressly not permitted on Kaufmich. These include:

  • sex without protection (including oral sex!)
  • sexual acts with minors and sex with animals, of course (K9)
  • offer of sexual acts during pregnancy
  • offers as a money dominatrix (due to known cases of fraud) or looking for so called "money pigs" or "money slaves"
  • exclusive sale of pictures, videos, underwear, etc. without offering real dates (this is outside of Corona restrictions)
  • sending / selling urine, feces, used tampons, breast milk, etc. because of potential pathogens
  • crushing (the trampling of small creatures / insects)

Violations will be punished depending on the severity with banning of the profile and / or brought to criminal charges in case of criminal relevance.

Since 01 July 2017, the obligation to wear a condom (for any kind of sexual intercourse, so also for oral techniques) and the advertising ban for these services without protection apply in the Federal Republic of Germany. In case of violation, this may ´result in high fines from the side of the law !

Profiles that offer or ask for services of this kind will be warned or even banned by us!

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