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What do the symbols mean that I can see on some of the profiles?

On Kaufmich you may come across several symbols on certain profiles. Here is a small list of the three most common symbols:

The little hot chilli means "popular escort".  

Escorts who have been contacted more than average within the last 24 hours (messages, date requests and phone calls, all from first contacts!) get the label "currently popular" and can only be contacted exclusively by plus clients for at least the next 4 hours. Every 4 hours the number of first contacts the escorts have received in the meantime is checked again.

If an escort has the plus membership and is marked as "popular", it can still be contacted by all members (basic and plus)!

Then there is the yellow lightning which shows that an escort is new on "New" means that an escort registered on Kaufmich 14 days ago.

Escorts who newly register on Kaufmich can only be contacted exclusively by plus customers in the first 14 days after registration, as these new members are very sought-after and receive an above-average number of messages and inquiries.

Exception: new escorts with plus membership can be contacted by all customers!

The diamond means that the member has a plus membership and therefore enjoys certain advantages.

Learn more about all the benefits of plus membership here!

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