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What does 100% Safer Sex mean and how can I get this on my profile?

With this badge the escorts can highlight that they offer all their services with protection only. The option can be found in the settings under Offers & Prices.

Clients can indicate in the profile that they refuse any intercourse without protection.

Due to various modes of transmission, safer sex involves no unprotected exchange of bodily fluids. This includes sexual intercourse, oral and anal sex, as well as all practices that involve the direct exchange of semen, urine, feces, breast milk and blood. Also, videos/image material showing these practices are also prohibited and will be rejected!

For clients, this also means that an escort with the safe sex button on her profile will not want any inquiries about unsafe services. Likewise, clients who have the badge on their profile also explicitly do not want to receive any offers regarding unprotected intercourse!

Violations can be reported, which may lead to a banning of the profile.

If unsafe services are offered or requested despite having the Safer Sex badge, this will result in the permanent removal of the symbol.

Summary of the rules for safer sex on Kaufmich:

  • all kinds of sexual intercourse only with protection! This also applies to oral sex!
  • in general: everything that only takes place ON the body (insemination, KV, NS) is allowed
  • everything which lets body fluids get INTO the body is not allowed

    only exception: kissing

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