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How can I upload or change my profile image?

You can not only upload a profile picture, but also provide a gallery for your profile visitors to view.

It is possible for you to upload several photos in your settings under the menu item photo gallery. The more pictures you upload, the more attention you will get. Your photos should be of good quality, because this is an important criteria for the support to accept your pictures.

All newly uploaded pictures will be checked individually by our supporters before they are uploaded on your profile.

We would like to ask for your understanding if your picture is not uploaded in the shortest possible time, e.g. at the weekend. Since our support team usually checks images only from Monday to Friday, it can take up to 72 hours until your image is uploaded in your profile. Also, images are not checked on bank holidays. Please consider this when uploading new pictures!

You can choose who can see your picture in your profile pictures: all members, only plus members and your favorites, or only logged in members.

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