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What is a profile promotion and how can I use it?

You can have your profile displayed separately on the Kaufmich homepage to attract more attention.

This is how you use the promo function:

  • Click on Promotion Manager in the top right-hand corner of your profile
  • Then click on "Promote profile" and a pop-up will open with all the information
  • Simply click on "Start promotion" and off you go

If you don't have enough Kaufmich-Dollars to place your promotion, you can top up your account balance during the ad placement process.

Price: 2000 ad insertions - 300 Kaufmich-Dollars

Your profile will be shown to customers within a radius of 50km. Promoted profiles receive up to 50% more profile visitors.

Note: Some promotions that were running shortly before the transfer to the new Kaufmich may not be visible anymore - but not to worry, please contact the support and we will reimburse you in form of Kaufmich Dollars. 

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