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Can I have more than one profile?

So-called double profiles (multiple profiles) may under certain circumstances be created by escorts.

The requirements are: 

  • with each of the two profiles, a plus membership must be bought 
  • different services must be offered in the profiles (different places are NOT a distinguished criteria, this can be covered with the tour function)
  • a maximum of 2 plus profiles are allowed per escort 
  • the profile pictures (avatars) must be visually different so that the difference between the two profiles is obvious

For example: 

You work as a dominatrix?

Then create a dominatrix profile with all your services and the place where you work. 

You also work as an escort? 

Then create an additional escort profile with the associated services, also in the area where you work. 

Important: Blocks/warnings affecting one of your profiles will affect both profiles! 

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