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How does the message system work?

You can find your messages in your personal inbox: If you are logged in, you can see in the top right corner of the so-called header if and how many new messages you have received.

Your inbox is divided into 3 sections for better clarity:

  • An overview of all messages
  • Messages of your favorites (so that you can find the mail of the members who are high in your favor faster)
  • Messages from users who are currently online.

When you are in your inbox, your messages are displayed in message histories, i.e. on the left side you see the list of members with whom you have already written. If you click on one of these histories, you will see your complete communication with that member on the right side.

Use the input field on the top left to search for specific member names within your inbox.

Write your message in the box at the bottom right, add smileys or photos and click "send" to send it.

You can also send a date request from the messaging system. To do this, click on the button "request date".

You also have the option to do the following from your message history:

  • Mark message as unread
  • Ignore member
  • Report member

If you send a "No, thanks!" message, the member in question will no longer be able to write to you. But he is not on your ignore list!

If there has been no message history between you and another member and you send the first message or the first date request to this member, then this is a so-called first contact. There are different first contact limits for Basic and Plus members. There is no message limit on

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