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The Kaufmich Forum - for you, from you, with you!

Seek and you shall find - and that's for certain in our new forum for all users. Here you will find help, feedback possibilities, like-minded people, exchange and also the one or other interesting topics.

Here is the link to get to the forum!

Are there rules for this forum?

Yes, there are and here they are:

  • Manners - Aretha always said it "R.E.S.P.E.C.T".
  • No Spam - Once spammed, forever adé
  • Third party content stays out (e.g. no messages or photos of others)
  • Keep overview - Does the thread already exist? Check and post only then
  • Respect MOD's - Even if mom 'scolds'; stay nice

You can always find the rules at the top of the menu bar or via this link here!

How do I create a new thread?

Before you create a new thread, please make sure that the topic does not already exist. You can easily do this using the search. If you are sure that it does not already exist, then you can start a new thread.

  • Click on "Create" at the top right of the bar.
  • Choose between announcement and topic
  • Then select the appropriate category and click on "Next".
  • Write your thread as detailed and clear as possible

Note: If you often post new threads that already exist, your profile may be warned, because the effort to move threads again and again is not small.

How do I comment on a thread?

  • To comment on a thread, all you have to do is click the box under the last message; there you can post your comment.

  • To quote another user, you only have to click on the corresponding field where this person has written something and then click on "quote".

In what way can I post something here?

Nothing sabotages a great thread like rudeness!

  • Be polite and civil. Don't post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, insulting, or "hate speech".
  • Respect each other. No harassing, insulting, aping or revealing personal things.
  • Spam; no thanks - spamming is really uncool and those will be banned from the forum with immediate effect.
  • Don't question mod decisions - feel free to veto or clarify anything, but do so diplomatically and constructively.

Structureis vital 

Please make sure to put things in the right place so we spend more time discussing and less time cleaning up. Means:

  • Please don't start a thread in the wrong category.
  • Don't start another thread by changing it in the middle.
  • REMEMBER: Search before you post.

Nothing fills a forum with garbage faster than questions that have already been asked and answered many times. Please search carefully before posting a question to see if it already exists.

Mod's, Admin's and helpers

There is a lot to do in a forum and to keep the overview there are forum admins and moderators (mod's) who are always marked as such.

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