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I am receiving weird messages, what should I do?

It can happen that messages are sent which are not intended to make personal contact, but to promote other sites and services - better known as spam.

Although we use technical methods to stop so-called spammers as soon as possible, some still manage to send messages before they are blocked.

Please do not respond to these messages and do not click on the links they often send (very often shortened links like, tinyurl or, otherwise you will end up on pages you did not want to visit.

You can report these messages to our support (just click on "report" next to the message in question), they will then take care of possibly blocking the spammer's profile.

Important: Please avoid sending the same text of that of the spam message as a warning to other members, because it might cause our spam filter to recognize your message as spam, too and as a result your profile may be banned!

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